Low Light Fighting Seminar

November 8, 2014

On Saturday 8th November we held our first Low-light fighting seminar at Falcon Park in Battersea. Little did we know it is actually one of the most dangerous places in South West London.


It was a great turn out. After a good warm up, we looked at how to manipulate different colours and positions to your advantage in a self-defence situation, primarily focusing on the use of various weapons.


The fun really began when the heavens opened and most of us were soaked. Luckily we could retreat to under a bridge where we practiced closed-eye slow fighting – what better way to use our anatomical vision to focus on your opponent’s body at long, mid and close distances.


It wouldn’t have been complete without whipping out your new tactical torches in the rain – both as a defence and attack weapon. That way you could identify how to respond to both situations. The best part was summarising all this information through a multi-attacker scenario.

I hope you all enjoyed acquiring these new skills. You all did amazingly well. It was a real pleasure to work with you.




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