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Instructor Update with Rory Miller

Most of you know every few months Aron and I have Instructor Updates. For those of you who aren’t aware what this entails, these are days usually over a weekend organised by KMG UK.

Every instructor who is part of KMG UK is required to partake in at least 10 full day of training with the Global Team. The event lends itself to opportunities for further professional development – essentially we become students again and got to train with the best instructors in the world so that we can pass on insights into improving our teaching methods, new technique variations and updates to solutions for ever-changing problems.

Last weekend 6-8.02.2015 was a particularly special update. Not only was Eyal Yanliov running the update, we also had Rory Miller, author of ‘Meditations on Violence’ and ‘Facing Violence’. Rory is known worldwide for his self-defence expertise. His books have been a real revelation into the different aspects of self-defence which has translated into my own pedagogy.

Over the last three days we learnt about the legal and ethical aspects of self-defence, the dynamics of violence, methods for de-escalation, escape, breaking the freeze and the different categories of attackers plus much, much more. This new knowledge about how our potential attackers think, act, plan and execute their assaults highlighted how self-defence should be shared with different students and the importance of teaching you awareness, avoidance and prevention so that we may all act before any physical confrontation is needed.




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