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Third Party Protection Seminar

With social media and TV adverts bombarding us with various charities and appeals, it is difficult to shake off donor-fatigue and see past this event as a mere charity fundraiser for yet another charity for yet another cause. But this was different. This was for an ex-student of ours, Jake, who at only 15 is battling cancer.

Both moved and inspired by his fight, Krav Maga London decided to host a 3rd Party Protection seminar free and invite students from other KMG clubs, including friends and family to join us. In lieu of admission costs, KML asked for donations to be made via JustGiving to the Teenage Cancer Trust so that others like Jake can receive the care and support they need.

On a rather cold Sunday morning, the amazing turnout of 40 people quickly warmed up the atmosphere as we had students not only from KML, Krav Maga Elite and Krav Maga Midlands but those who have never done Krav Maga. The highlight was how our collective training lifted Jake’s spirits as he observed attentively.

Lots of big smiles, laughter, people coming together, making new friends. This is what Krav Maga does. We can’t protect our loved ones from terminal illness. But what can do is come together as a community to make a difference not only to the lives of people like Jake, but to our loved ones by learning how to protect them on the streets.

We did make a difference – we raised £1,560! Thank you for all your donations, support and making this the best seminar we’ve had this year.




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