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Machete Workshop

Given the recent events in the UK and across Europe, it was only apt that KML addressed the subject of machete attacks. The reality of such a subject most would agree is not only difficult but also frightening.

Almost 50 students arrived at Latchmere Leisure Centre from across different KMG UK clubs, some were instructors too! KML hasn’t yet had the privilege of hosting such a large group until now.

After a quick warm up on the ground and various partner drills to prevent students from acquiring any injuries, we swiftly moved onto how to shorten the distance in order to immobilise the attacker through three different throw methods. Luckily for the crash mats as students hurled each other, breaming with smiles. First the drills were done without weapons, then each group was given a training stick to simulate the machete. Admittedly, seeing the student enjoy themselves so much in the training, I too was eager to join in.

Learning to prevent a machete attack is just as important. It was clear the best way is to use common objects – in this case a chair. Who knew chairs could be used in so many different ways, from throwing them towards the attacker to using them as shields and weapons. At this stage students were given either metal or plastic machetes and the fun really began.

Safety was key and Klaudiusz repeatedly emphasised safety precautions to ensure everyone stayed vigilant and looked after their training partners – something which many students at the end commented on how much they appreciated.

The highlight was certainly combining technique, shortening the distance and throws whilst having the attacker waving a very realistic machete and shouting aggressively. I was particularly impressed with the female students’ level of aggression – both as attackers and defenders. Certainly not to be messed with!

All in all, as my first seminar as an instructor, it is the best to date. Participants from P0s all the way through to G5 worked together seamlessly, stayed safe, got pretty sweaty and had smiles all around.

- Dion




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