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Machete Workshop Sunday 16th July 2017 Given the recent events in the UK and across Europe, it was only apt that KML addressed the subject of machete attacks. The reality of such a subject most would agree is not only difficult but also frightening. Almost 50 students arrived at Latchmere Leisure Centre from across different…

Group photo bus

On 21st August 2016, Krav Maga London hosted its first bus seminar quite appropriately titled “Rush Hour” on an actual London double decker bus. On a warm mid-summer’s morning, we worked on defences against punches, chokes, headlocks and close-distance knife threats with the emphasis on finishing with counter attacks in close range. Before we know…


With social media and TV adverts bombarding us with various charities and appeals, it is difficult to shake off donor-fatigue and see past this event as a mere charity fundraiser for yet another charity for yet another cause. But this was different. This was for an ex-student of ours, Jake, who at only 15 is…


Our three-day adrenalin filled TSC in Poland in co-operation with globally renowned ESA (European Security Academy) was a great success due to the fantastic bunch of dedicated participants. The course was slightly more advanced this time around as participants focused on tactical behaviour, working in small groups, the use of firearms in closed quarter situations,…


This time we co-operated with ESA European Security Academy to organise this event. Event was divided into two simultaneously run courses: Basic pistol and introduction to fire arms. SMG operator. To see photos from this event go to our gallery.


Nothing is scarier than an unpredictable attacker storming into wherever you are, armed with an AK-47, ready to shoot at anyone and everyone. Most of us when being attacked froze, unaware of what was going on. Only a few reacted and ran away. For that reason, Latchmere Leisure Centre was transformed briefly on Sunday 24th…


For photos from this event go to our gallery.


For photos from this event go to our gallery.

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