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Group photo bus

On 21st August 2016, Krav Maga London hosted its first bus seminar quite appropriately titled “Rush Hour” on an actual London double decker bus. On a warm mid-summer’s morning, we worked on defences against punches, chokes, headlocks and close-distance knife threats with the emphasis on finishing with counter attacks in close range.

Before we know it, our ride had arrived and we packed into the upper deck of the bus where we focused on how to move, attack and defend from the sitting position. Once we all became more confident, punches and knife defences were incorporated into our drills.

The seminar wouldn’t be complete without the bus moving and so much to the surprise of onlookers and other drivers, we executed our newly learnt techniques with the bus moving for the last hour – a very different way of training from being on the mats!

Special thanks to Martin for giving up his time to take and edit photos.

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