Krav Maga London Membership.

3 types of Krav Maga London memberships according to how often you want to train:

one session per weekfixed day and location chosen by you£55 per month
two sessions per weekfixed days and locations£65 per month
unlimitedall classes any location£75 per month
kids classesevery Saturday, Tuesday£45 per month
teens classesevery Friday£55 per month

KMG LICENCE and Member Insurance.

Your safety is essential to us. That’s why we urge all students to purchase the KMG (UK) training license. This includes your insurance cover. It’s only £20 and covers you for an entire year. You can get it easily via the Krav Maga Global website by clicking on the banner.

Krav Maga London Membership

Payment Method

Payments are made through direct debit. Once you have completed your induction and wish to join, you will be asked to complete a direct debit mandate and student agreement form. This is not a ‘contract’ per se as you are entitled to cancel the agreement at any time by giving one month’s prior notice.

Holiday Dates 2017

The following times are when classes are not scheduled:

  • Summer due to instructor training in Israel..
  • Christmas and New Year period (23/12/17 – 07/01/18)
  • Bank holidays.