Krav Maga London Private Tuition.

Krav Maga London private tuition is an excellent opportunity to jump start your progression in Krav Maga through a student-tailored programme that ensures greater acceleration in the assimilation and practice of Krav Maga techniques which ordinarily would take many weeks or even months of practice to acquire through regular sessions.

Increasingly popular with our regular class students, this service enables students to improve their skills and to catch-up on any of the regular sessions missed. As the emphasis in our private lessons is placed primarily on perfecting technical skills rather than fighting fitness, our private classes do not exceed 10 students.

The quality of all our lessons are of our utmost priority. All private tuition locations are of the highest standard and within the specifications of available equipment, space and specificity of use.

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Cost of private tuition:

2 People



(per person)

4 People



(per person)




(per hour)

Plus studio hire (unless training area is provided by a student).