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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book or start training with Krav Maga London?

Head to GET STARTED to select a trial class start date to book.

Do I need to be fit to start Krav Maga?

Not at all. By training with us, you have already taken the first step and will immediately start to see improvements in your fitness, strength, agility, and coordination. Our expert team ensures classes are both challenging yet suited to your abilities, pace and goals.

What equipment will I need?

On the trial programme, you won’t need any equipment however if you’ve got a pair of boxing gloves and/or groin guard, this would be useful. As a student, you’ll need boxing gloves, open/MMA grappling gloves, a groin guard, shin guards and a mouth piece to ensure you and your training partners are protected.

How much contact is there?

We’re here to make you ready for real-life situations and Krav Maga is literally ‘contact combat’ so there will always be an element of contact depending on the level of the class and students. From minimal as a total beginner to full-on contact for advanced.

Any physical activity comes with an element of risk. Injuries are rare during training as our expert team ensure you train in a safe yet realistic. environment.

Is there any sparring?

Yes, we regularly have sparring drills in our classes as we believe this can greatly improve our students’ overall fighting abilities. Sparring is always with full protective gear and controlled manner.


As a beginner, you won’t be sparring during our trial class programme but as you progress, this is something we expect all our students to work towards.

What about your grading system?

We don’t do belts but have badges as a way of marking our students’ and instructors’ progress. This is in adherence to Krav Maga Global’s grading system.


Practitioner Levels 1-5

Graduate Level 1-5

Expert Levels 1-5

Is there a club uniform?

Yes. We expect all our students to wear the Krav Maga London club training uniform t-shirt.

Is there an annual contract?

No. We do not believe in annual contracts. If you go for a monthly membership, this is on a monthly rolling basis. You can cancel at anytime but must provide us with 1 month’s written notice. Details can be found on our terms and conditions page.

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