Krav Maga London are Krav Maga Global affiliated training provider

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Please read carefully our terms and conditions.

Should there be anything that is unclear, please contact us via our contact form.


Induction Trial Programme

  • Each trial programme consists of 3 trial classes which should be completed within 2 weeks after your first class. If you are unable to complete your 2 remaining sessions within 2 weeks, you need to contact us at

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late to your first class, you will need to contact us to reschedule your session.

  • Refunds are not available if requested 48 hours prior to your first session OR if you have already rescheduled your session.

  • Suitable sportswear with clean indoor trainers is required. Vests are not recommended. If you arrive without appropriate clothing, you will be asked to reschedule your induction.

  • All watches and jewellery must be removed prior to training.

  • A Health Questionnaire and General Data Protection Form will need to be completed prior to training. You cannot train without this form completed.

  • If you are ill or unwell on the day of your induction, please contact us ASAP via to reschedule your induction.

  • Krav Maga is a self defense fighting system therefore a certain level of cardiovascular activity should be expected as well as a certain degree of light contact. 

  • For everyone’s safety, please follow all instructions from the instructor and raise any concerns or questions.

  • In case of no show, refunds will not be issued. You will be contacted within 48 hours to ask if you wish to reschedule. If we do not hear from you after 10 working days, we will assume you no longer wish to attend. We will consider this as a non-refundable cancellation. 

  • If you request to reschedule and we do not hear from you within 10 working days, we will assume you no longer wish to attend. We will consider this as a non-refundable cancellation. 

  • Please allow between 7-10 working days for the refunded amount to clear into your account.

  • Walk-ins and cash payments are not accepted. 


Membership Fees and Contract

  • By signing up you agree to a minimum 3 month contract with Krav Maga London Ltd. If you change your mind within the first 14 days of your 3 month contract, you may cancel your membership in writing to: 

  • If you cancel within the 14 days of your 3 month contract, you may still be charged a fee for any classes you have used within that period. This will be calculated on a pro-rota basis. 

  • If you cancel after the first 14 days, you will be charged the full 3 months membership fees.

  • All direct debits are collected and processed by GoCardless Ltd either on the 1st of 15th of each month. 

  • Memberships can be suspended for a minimum of 1 month with no maximum term at a £10 per month retainer fee. Requests to suspend your membership should be made in writing to: 

  • After your 3 month minimum contract, you can cancel your membership at any time by providing us one month's written notice. Should you be unable to provide one month's notice, you will be charged a final month's payment before your membership is cancelled. Requests to cancel your membership should be made in writing to: 

  • Fees are calculated on a 48 week year. We are closed on bank holidays, two weeks over Christmas and 2 weeks in June. 

  • There is no reimbursement nor compensation for missed classes. 

  • All active students are required to purchase their KMG (UK) License and Insurance. 


Events Booking

  • All events are open only to Krav Maga London or Krav Maga Global students unless specified.

  • We are unable to offer refunds for tickets purchased on any of our events including seminars, workshops, pre-gradings and gradings. Credit notes may be issued at the discretion of the Director therefore please contact us ASAP should you be unable to attend an event you have booked for. 

  • All students are required to bring all necessary equipment for the event which will be specified via email communication prior to the event. 

Personal belongings

  • All students are responsible for their personal belongings including personal training equipment i.e. mouth guard, groin guard, open gloves, boxing gloves, shin guards.

  • KML and its instructors are not responsible for any items that are left behind, lost or damaged before, during and after the session. 

  • Please do not bring any valuables to the class. Bringing valuables are students’ own responsibility.


Use of KML equipment

  • All students are expected to treat KML training equipment i.e. kick shields, focus mitts, training knives, training pistols, training sticks, with care.

  • Damage caused by any student other than usual ‘wear and tear’ but due to negligence and inappropriate behaviour will result in the student being responsible for the replacement of such equipment.


Private Classes

  • Cancellation of a private class requires at least 24 hours’ notice. Cancellation on the day of your appointment will incur a charge of 1 hour’s instructor’s fees.

  • Payment of the instructor’s fees are arranged between the student and the instructor prior to the session.


Photography and video recording

  • No photography or video recording permitted during any session unless with the explicit permission of the instructor.

  • During the session, instructor(s) may photograph, or video record the training which may be used for Krav Maga London’s social media and/website. If you do not wish to be in any photography or video recording, it is your responsibility to inform the instructor prior to this.  

  • At the end of each session a photograph will be taken for attendance records purposes. This may be used for Krav Maga London’s social media and/website. If you do not wish to be in any photography or video recording, it is your responsibility to inform the instructor prior to this.  



All students training with us are expected to adhere to our Student Code of Conduct Agreement to ensure everyone’s health, safety and enjoyment in training.

As a KML student you agree:-

  • To wear the Krav Maga London Club t-shirt or Krav Maga Global (KMG) t-shirt to each session as this is the training uniform. Non-KML or KMG t-shirts are not permitted.

  • To bring all necessary training equipment such as: groin guard, mouth piece, open gloves, shin guards and if applicable boxing gloves.

  • To be responsible for your own equipment and to ensure equipment is fit for purpose.

  • To take care of your personal hygiene including regularly washing, washing training clothing, and use of deodorant. To bring if necessary extra training t-shirts.

  • To listen and follow the instructions of your instructor(s) at all times.

  • To ensure you are physically fit for training and not to participate in any training that could be detrimental to your health i.e. being unwell or injured.

  • To declare any existing and/or new injuries you are managing prior to and at the end of each training session to the instructor(s).

  • To treat your training partners and peers with the same respect and courtesy as you would expect on every training session.

  • To report anything that could be detrimental to the safety of training to the instructor(s) as soon as possible.

  • To never attend any training session when you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or anything otherwise that could affect your physical and mental state.

  • To remove any jewellery and/or watches prior to training.