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Self defense classes taught by a woman for women

Our Women’s Only Self-Defence classes offer something different.

Our classes are taught by the first female Expert level instructor in England with a wealth of knowledge and experience to support you to become fitter, stronger and more confident - all whilst learning practical, effective self-defence skills for life. 


Krav Maga is a particularly effective self-defence system for women as it is designed to address the realities of stressful and violent situations when power, size and strength are factors to be taken into account. 

Our classes are just as challenging and rewarding as our mixed classes. Through the instruction and support from our experienced Women’s Instructor, you will be introduced to the realities of violence in a safe and friendly environment.


Our women’s classes teach you to:

  • Avoid, prevent and de-escalate difficult and stressful situations 

  • Use your voice effectively as a tool for self-defence

  • Use your body language to change your (potential) attacker’s behaviour

  • Generate power to strike, kick and other combative skills

  • Defend and overcome various grabs, chokes, holds

  • Defend and overcome various strikes

  • Defend and overcome attacks on the ground

  • Defend and overcome various knife threats and knife attacks

  • Protect family members 

  • Improve strength, fitness, agility and confidence.

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Women's Only Classes
Sundays 10 - 11 am @ Latchmere Leisure Centre 

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