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Top Tips for Choosing a Krav Maga Club

What should you look for when choosing a Krav Maga club?

With so many Krav Maga clubs out there, it’s unsurprising that you may feel confused as to how to pick a reliable and professional club that teaches genuine Krav Maga. At Krav Maga London Ltd, our ethos is to ensure all Krav Maga students get the real deal regardless of whether or not they choose us.

So here are a few things to look out for:

Is the Krav Maga club affiliated with a larger organisation who have direct lineage with Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder of Krav Maga or is it independent?
Being under a large organisation such as KMG (the largest and most professional Krav Maga organisation in the world) means your club and is regulated and your instructor is accountable in teaching to the highest standard.

Do the instructors get regular updates from Israel?
A good Krav Maga club ensures your instructors are regularly updated on new or improved techniques to meet the demands of our ever-changing society. If your instructors don’t stay up-to-date, their methods of teaching and pedagogical knowledge remains stilted and unevolved.

Are your instructors regularly examined by Krav Maga Masters?
Just because they’re instructors doesn’t mean they don’t need to champion continued professional and technical development. A good Krav Maga club has instructors that are regularly examined by the best in the field.

Does the Krav Maga club offer workshops on a range of topics?
A good Krav Maga club helps you develop your self-defence and fighting skills in a range of situations beyond the scope of a regular class for a more confident, fitter and safer you.

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