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All students training with us are expected to adhere to our Student Code of Conduct Agreement to ensure everyone’s health, safety and enjoyment in training.

As a KML student you agree:-

  • To wear the Krav Maga London Club t-shirt or Krav Maga Global (KMG) t-shirt to each session as this is the training uniform. Non-KML or KMG t-shirts are not permitted.

  • To bring all necessary training equipment such as: groin guard, mouth piece, open gloves, shin guards and if applicable boxing gloves.

  • To be responsible for your own equipment and to ensure equipment is fit for purpose.

  • To take care of your personal hygiene including regularly washing, washing training clothing, and use of deodorant. To bring if necessary extra training t-shirts.

  • To listen and follow the instructions of your instructor(s) at all times.

  • To ensure you are physically fit for training and not to participate in any training that could be detrimental to your health i.e. being unwell or injured.

  • To declare any existing and/or new injuries you are managing prior to and at the end of each training session to the instructor(s).

  • To treat your training partners and peers with the same respect and courtesy as you would expect on every training session.

  • To report anything that could be detrimental to the safety of training to the instructor(s) as soon as possible.

  • To never attend any training session when you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or anything otherwise that could affect your physical and mental state.

  • To remove any jewellery and/or watches prior to training.

  • To bring your own water as not all facilities can provide water. 

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