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Active Shooter Seminar

Nothing is scarier than an unpredictable attacker storming into wherever you are, armed with an AK-47, ready to shoot at anyone and everyone. Most of us when being attacked froze, unaware of what was going on. Only a few reacted and ran away. For that reason, Latchmere Leisure Centre was transformed briefly on Sunday 24th April 2016 into scenes of terrorist threats and attacks.

After a few disarming drills, we moved onto role-play scenarios – working on how to take charge during an incoming threat, how to work as a team and how to set up traps for our attacker in order to fight, escape and most importantly survive.

Whilst it wasn’t one of our more physically-taxing seminar, it was clear that all students understood how important it is to respond immediately upon hearing or seeing a potential threat.

The take home message? Run. Hide. Fight.